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The sweat-houses, which were to be found in every village, were similar in construction to the o-churn except that the top was rounded and the entire structure coated

p. 106

thickly with mud. A small opening was left at the bottom as an entrance and another in the top for the egress of smoke. These houses were always built near a stream or some body of water. One of the first steps in their preparations for a big hunt was a thorough sweating and cleansing in the sweat-house. This was done to free the brave of all bodily odors so that the deer could not detect his approach by scent. After the sweat-house had been heated to a high temperature by fires and hot rocks the hunter crawled inside and the door was shut. There he remained until in a welter of perspiration, when the door was opened and he rushed out and plunged into the icy waters of the stream or lake. This operation was repeated until they were satisfied all bodily odors had been eliminated. The sweat-houses were also resorted to as a means of treatment for various bodily ailments.

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