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It is the purpose of this little volume to create and foster in the Yosemite visitor an interest in that fast dying race the Western Indian; in his mode of life, his customs, his religious beliefs and legends, in the days before the coming of the white man sounded the death knell of his people.

In the compilation of the information presented in the following pages the writer has supplemented the knowledge gained while living in the mountains of California and from his friendship with the Indians, by liberal reference to other writings notable among which are, "The Dawn of the World," Professor C. Hart Merriam; "Indians of the Yosemite," Galen Clark; "In the Heart of the Sierras," J. M. Hutchings; "The Discovery of the Yosemite," Dr. L. H. Bunnell; "History of Fresno County," W. W. Elliot & Co.; "The Yosemite," John Muir; and "Trees of California," Willis L. Jepson; "The Story of the Yosemite Valley," F. E. Matthes; "Geology Physical and Historical," H. F. Cleland Ph.D.

The writer wishes to make it clear, however, that this is in no sense to be considered a scientific treatise of the subject; rather has it been the design to supply simply written information.

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The chapters on the Yosemite Valley the Big Tree, and Geology are included with the hope that they may play some small part in instilling in the heart of the reader an interest in and a love for our National Park, and an appreciation of the efforts of the men who have made it possible as well as those who so efficiently administer its affairs.


Yosemite, California,
   April 21, 1925.

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