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p. viii


The response throughout the country to both volumes of The Great March has been such as to justify our issuing a revised edition on the occasion of the fourteenth printing of this volume. We took occasion to make some necessary changes. We also felt that in order to retain the interest which we hope the titles of the stories arouse, we do not want to indicate the personality or the topic treated right next to the title. Hence, for the teacher's information, the following is a list of personalities or events portrayed in these stories:

1. The Second Temple; 2. Alexander the Great; 3. Eliezer; 4. Judas Maccabeus; S. Rabbi Simon ben Shetach; 6. Hillel; 7. Hillel; 8. Hillel; 9. Story of Bar Kamza; 10. Johanan ben Zakkai; 11. The Siege of Jerusalem; 12. Johanan ben Zakkai; 13. Eliezer ben Hyrcanus; 14. Haninah ben Dosah; 15. Akiba; 16. Akiba; 17. Akiba; 18. Rabbi Meir; 19. Rabbi Meir; 20. Samuel Ibn Adijah; 21. Anan ben David; 22. Saadiah Gaon; 23. Hasdai; 24. The Kazars; 25. Moses ben Enoch; 26. Ibn Gabirol; 27. Judah Halevi; 28. Abraham Ibn Ezra; 29. Maimonides; 30. Maimonides; 31. Nachmanides; 32. Rashi; 33. Rashi; 34. Rashi; 35. David Alroy; 36. Abraham Abulafia; 37. The Crusades; 38. Isaac Abravanel.



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