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WORKS in English are unfortunately very few. On the whole subject of the mystical elements in Talmudic, Midrashic, and Kabbalistic theology, the student should see:

A. Franck, La Kabbale (Paris, 1843; 2nd ed., 1889). German Trans. (with many original additions) by A. Jellinek (Leipsic, 1844).
Ginsburg, The Kabbalah (London, 1865).
Isaac Myer, Qabbalah (Philadelphia, 1888).
Karppe, Étude sur les Origines et la Nature du Zohar (Paris, 1901).
Joël, 'Essays on Ibn Gabirol,' in his Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie, 1876.

All of the above works contain many translations of the original Hebrew and Aramaic.

On the subject of the Essenes:

Graetz, History of the Jews (English Trans., vol. ii. pp. 16-34).
Ginsburg, The Essenes, their History and their Doctrines (London, 1864).
Article 'Essenes' by F. C. Conybeare in Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible.
Article 'Essenes' in Jewish Encyclopædia.
Philo's The Contemplative Life, ed. Conybeare (Oxford, 1895).

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On the Jewish Hellenistic Literature:

Schürer, Geschichte des Jüdischen Volkes im Zeitalter Jesu Christi, ii. pp. 556-584.
Freudenthal, Hellenistische Studien, 1879.
Gerald Friedlander, Hellenism and Christianity (London, 1912).
C. G. Montefiore, The Wisdom of Solomon (London, 1891).

On Philo:

Drummond, Philo Judæus (London, 1888).

On Shechinah, Memra, Holy Spirit:

Volz, Der Geist Gottes (Tübingen, 1910).
Abelson, The Immanence of God in Rabbinical Literature (London, 1912).

On the Yetsīrah book:

Franck, La Kabbale, pp. 53-66, 102-118.
Graetz, Gnosticismus und Judenthum (Breslau, 1846), pp. 102-132.

Parts of it are translated into English in W. W. Westcott's Sefer Yezirah (London, 1893) and into French in Karppe's Étude sur les Origines et la Nature du Zohar (Paris, 1901).

On the doctrines of Emanation and the Ten Sefirot:

Joël, in the work previously mentioned. It contains the best account of the relation between Jewish and Neoplatonic mysticism.
Ehrenpreis, Die Entwickelung der Emanationslehre in der Kabbalah des XIII. Jahrhunderts (Frankfurt, 1895). This work is indispensable p. 179 for the history of the development of ideas.
Eliphaz Lévi, Le Livre des Splendeurs (Paris, 1894).

A translation of the whole of the Zohar, into French, by the late Jean de Pauly, has recently been published. It is absolutely indispensable as the only complete translation yet attempted.


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