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Sūra LIV.: Qamar, or the Moon. Index
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Sūra LIV.: Qamar, or the Moon.

Section 3

41. Walaqad jaa ala firAAawna alnnuthuru

41. To the People
Of Pharaoh, too, aforetime,
Came Warners (from God).

42. Kaththaboo bi-ayatina kulliha faakhathnahum akhtha AAazeezin muqtadirin

42. The (people) rejected all
Our Signs; but We
Seized them with such Penalty
(As comes) from One
Exalted in Power,
Able to carry out His Will.

43. Akuffarukum khayrun min ola-ikum am lakum baraatun fee alzzuburi

43. Are your Unbelievers,
(O Quraish), better than they?
Or have ye an immunity
In the Sacred Books?

44. Am yaqooloona nahnu jameeAAun muntasirun

44. Or do they say:
"We acting together
Can defend ourselves"?

45. Sayuhzamu aljamAAu wayuwalloona alddubura

45. Soon will their multitude
Be put to flight,
And they will show
Their backs.

46. Bali alssaAAatu mawAAiduhum waalssaAAatu adha waamarru

46. Nay, the Hour (of Judgment)
Is the time promised them
(For their full recompense):
And that Hour will be
Most grievous and most bitter.

47. Inna almujrimeena fee dalalin wasuAAurin

47. Truly those in sin
Are the ones
Straying in mind, and mad.

48. Yawma yushaboona fee alnnari AAala wujoohihim thooqoo massa saqara

48. The Day they will be
Dragged through the Fire
On their faces, (they
Will hear:) "Taste ye
The touch of Hell!"

49. Inna kulla shay-in khalaqnahu biqadarin

49. Verily, all things
Have We created
In proportion and measure.

50. Wama amruna illa wahidatun kalamhin bialbasari

50. And Our Command
Is but a single (Act),—
Like the twinkling
Of an eye.

51. Walaqad ahlakna ashyaAAakum fahal min muddakirin

51. And (oft) in the past,
Have We destroyed gangs
Like unto you: then
Is there any that
Will receive admonition?

52. Wakullu shay-in faAAaloohu fee alzzuburi

52. All that they do
Is noted in (their)
Books (of Deeds):

53. Wakullu sagheerin wakabeerin mustatarun

53. Every matter, small and great,
Is on record.

54. Inna almuttaqeena fee jannatin wanaharin

54. As to the Righteous,
They will be in the midst
Of Gardens and Rivers,

55. Fee maqAAadi sidqin AAinda maleekin muqtadirin

55. In an Assembly of Truth,
In the Presence of
A Sovereign Omnipotent.

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