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Sūra XLVII.: Muḥammad (the Prophet).

Section 2

12. Inna Allaha yudkhilu allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati jannatin tajree min tahtiha al-anharu waallatheena kafaroo yatamattaAAoona waya/kuloona kama ta/kulu al-anAAamu waalnnaru mathwan lahum

12. Verily God will admit
Those who believe and do
Righteous deeds, to Gardens
Beneath which rivers flow;
While those who reject God
Will enjoy (this world)
And eat as cattle eat;
And the Fire will
Be their abode.

13. Wakaayyin min qaryatin hiya ashaddu quwwatan min qaryatika allatee akhrajatka ahlaknahum fala nasira lahum

13. And how many cities,
With more power than
Thy city which has
Driven thee out,
Have We destroyed
(For their sins)?
And there was none
To aid them.

14. Afaman kana AAala bayyinatin min rabbihi kaman zuyyina lahu soo-o AAamalihi waittabaAAoo ahwaahum

14. Is then one who is
On a clear (Path)
From his Lord,
No better than one
To whom the evil
Of his conduct seems pleasing,
And such as follow
Their own lusts?

15. Mathalu aljannati allatee wuAAida almuttaqoona feeha anharun min ma-in ghayri asinin waanharun min labanin lam yataghayyar taAAmuhu waanharun min khamrin laththatin lilshsharibeena waanharun min AAasalin musaffan walahum feeha min kulli alththamarati wamaghfiratun min rabbihim kaman huwa khalidun fee alnnari wasuqoo maan hameeman faqattaAAa amAAaahum

15. (Here is) a Parable
Of the Garden which
The righteous are promised:
In it are rivers
Of water incorruptible;
Rivers of milk
Of which the taste
Never changes; rivers
Of wine, a joy
To those who drink;
And rivers of honey
Pure and clear. In it
There are for them
All kinds of fruits;
And Grace from their Lord.
(Can those in such Bliss)
Be compared to such as
Shall dwell for ever
In the Fire, and be given,
To drink, boiling water,
So that it cuts up
Their bowels (to pieces)?

16. Waminhum man yastamiAAu ilayka hatta itha kharajoo min AAindika qaloo lillatheena ootoo alAAilma matha qala anifan ola-ika allatheena tabaAAa Allahu AAala quloobihim waittabaAAoo ahwaahum

16. And among them are men
Who listen to thee,
But in the end, when they
Go out from thee,
They say to those who
Have received Knowledge,
"What is it he said
Just then?" Such are
Men whose hearts God
Has sealed, and who
Follow their own lusts.

17. Waallatheena ihtadaw zadahum hudan waatahum taqwahum

17. But to those who receive
Guidance, He increases
The (light of) Guidance,
And bestows on them
Their Piety and Restraint
(From evil).

18. Fahal yanthuroona illa alssaAAata an ta/tiyahum baghtatan faqad jaa ashratuha faanna lahum itha jaat-hum thikrahum

18. Do they then only wait
For the Hour,—that it
Should come on them
Of a sudden? But already
Have come some tokens
Thereof, and when it
(Actually) is on them,
How can they benefit
Then by their admonition?

19. FaiAAlam annahu la ilaha illa Allahu waistaghfir lithanbika walilmu/mineena waalmu/minati waAllahu yaAAlamu mutaqallabakum wamathwakum

19. Know, therefore, that
There is no god
But God, and ask
Forgiveness for thy fault,
And for the men
And women who believe:
For God knows how ye
Move about and how
Ye dwell in your homes.

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