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Sūra XLIV.: Du<u>kh</u>ān, or Smoke (or Mist.) Index
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Sūra XLIV.: Dukhān, or Smoke (or Mist.)

Section 3

43. Inna shajarata alzzaqqoomi

43. Verily the tree
Of  Zaqqūm

44. TaAAamu al-atheemi

44. Will be the food
Of the Sinful,—

45. Kaalmuhli yaghlee fee albutooni

45. Like molten brass;
It will boil
In their insides,

46. Kaghalyi alhameemi

46. Like the boiling
Of scalding water.

47. Khuthoohu faiAAtiloohu ila sawa-i aljaheemi

47. (A voice will cry:
"Seize ye him
And drag him
Into the midst
Of the Blazing Fire!

48. Thumma subboo fawqa ra/sihi min AAathabi alhameemi

48. "Then pour over his head
The Penalty of Boiling Water

49. Thuq innaka anta alAAazeezu alkareemu

49. "Taste thou (this)!
Truly wast thou
Mighty, full of honour!

50. Inna hatha ma kuntum bihi tamtaroona

50. "Truly this is what
Ye used to doubt!"

51. Inna almuttaqeena fee maqamin ameenin

51. As to the Righteous
(They will be) in
A position of Security,

52. Fee jannatin waAAuyoonin

52. Among Gardens and Springs;

53. Yalbasoona min sundusin wa-istabraqin mutaqabileena

53. Dressed in fine silk
And in rich brocade,
They will face each other;

54. Kathalika wazawwajnahum bihoorin AAeenin

54. So; and We shall
Join them to Companions
With beautiful, big,
And lustrous eyes.

55. YadAAoona feeha bikulli fakihatin amineena

55. There can they call
For every kind of fruit
In peace and security;

56. La yathooqoona feeha almawta illa almawtata al-oola wawaqahum AAathaba aljaheemi

56. Nor will they there
Taste Death, except the first
Death; and He will preserve
Them from the Penalty
Of the Blazing Fire,—

57. Fadlan min rabbika thalika huwa alfawzu alAAatheemu

57. As a Bounty from thy Lord!
That will be
The supreme achievement!

58. Fa-innama yassarnahu bilisanika laAAallahum yatathakkaroona

58. Verily, We have made
This (Qur-ān) easy,
In thy tongue,
In order that they
May give heed.

59. Fairtaqib innahum murtaqiboona

59. So wait thou and watch;
For they (too) are waiting.

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