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Sūra XXXIII.: Aḥzāb, or The Confederates. Index
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Sūra XXXIII.: Aḥzāb, or The Confederates.

Section 7

53. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la tadkhuloo buyoota alnnabiyyi illa an yu/thana lakum ila taAAamin ghayra nathireena inahu walakin itha duAAeetum faodkhuloo fa-itha taAAimtum faintashiroo wala musta/niseena lihadeethin inna thalikum kana yu/thee alnnabiyya fayastahyee minkum waAllahu la yastahyee mina alhaqqi wa-itha saaltumoohunna mataAAan fais-aloohunna min wara-i hijabin thalikum atharu liquloobikum waquloobihinna wama kana lakum an tu/thoo rasoola Allahi wala an tankihoo azwajahu min baAAdihi abadan inna thalikum kana AAinda Allahi AAatheeman

53. O ye who believe!
Enter not the Prophet's houses,—
Until leave is given you,
For a meal, (and then)
Not (so early as) to wait
For its preparation: but when
Ye are invited, enter;
And when ye have taken
Your meal, disperse,
Without seeking familiar talk.
Such (behaviour) annoys
The Prophet: he is ashamed
To dismiss you, but
God is not ashamed
(To tell you) the truth.
And when ye
Ask (his ladies)
For anything ye want,
Ask them from before
A screen: that makes
For greater purity for
Your hearts and for theirs.
Nor is it right for you
That ye should annoy
God's Apostle, or that
Ye should marry his widows
After him at any time.
Truly such a thing is
In God's sight an enormity.

54. In tubdoo shay-an aw tukhfoohu fa-inna Allaha kana bikulli shay-in AAaleeman

54. Whether ye reveal anything
Or conceal it, verily
God has full knowledge
Of all things.

55. La junaha AAalayhinna fee aba-ihinna wala abna-ihinna wala ikhwanihinna wala abna-i ikhwanihinna wala abna-i akhawatihinna wala nisa-ihinna wala ma malakat aymanuhunna waittaqeena Allaha inna Allaha kana AAala kulli shay-in shaheedan

55. There is no blame
(On these ladies if they
Appear) before their fathers
Or their sons, their brothers,
Or their brothers’ sons,
Or their sisters’ sons,
Or their women,
Or the (slaves) whom
Their right hands possess.
And, (ladies), fear God;
For God is Witness
To all things.

56. Inna Allaha wamala-ikatahu yusalloona AAala alnnabiyyi ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo salloo AAalayhi wasallimoo tasleeman

56. God and His Angels
Send blessings on the Prophet:
O ye that believe!
Send ye blessings on him,
And salute him
With all respect.

57. Inna allatheena yu/thoona Allaha warasoolahu laAAanahumu Allahu fee alddunya waal-akhirati waaAAadda lahum AAathaban muheenan

57. Those who annoy
God and His Apostle—
God has cursed them
In this world and
In the Hereafter,
And has prepared for them
A humiliating Punishment.

58. Waallatheena yu/thoona almu/mineena waalmu/minati bighayri ma iktasaboo faqadi ihtamaloo buhtanan wa-ithman mubeenan

58. And those who annoy
Believing men and women
Undeservedly, bear
(on themselves)
A calumny and a glaring sin.

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