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Sūra XXXI.: Luqmān (the Wise). Index
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Sūra XXXI.: Luqmān (the Wise).

Section 4

31. Alam tara anna alfulka tajree fee albahri biniAAmati Allahi liyuriyakum min ayatihi inna fee thalika laayatin likulli sabbarin shakoorin

31. Seest thou not that
The ships sail through
The Ocean by the grace
Of God?—that He may
Show you of His Signs?
Verily in this are Signs
For all who constantly persevere
And give thanks.

32. Wa-itha ghashiyahum mawjun kaalththulali daAAawoo Allaha mukhliseena lahu alddeena falamma najjahum ila albarri faminhum muqtasidun wama yajhadu bi-ayatina illa kullu khattarin kafoorin

32. When a wave covers them
Like the canopy (of clouds),
They call to God
Offering Him sincere devotion.
But when He has delivered them
Safely to land, there are
Among them those that halt
Between (right and wrong).
But none reject Our Signs
Except only a perfidious
Ungrateful (wretch)!

33. Ya ayyuha alnnasu ittaqoo rabbakum waikhshaw yawman la yajzee walidun AAan waladihi wala mawloodun huwa jazin AAan walidihi shay-an inna waAAda Allahi haqqun fala taghurrannakumu alhayatu alddunya wala yaghurrannakum biAllahi algharooru

33. O mankind! do your duty
To your Lord, and fear
(The coming of) a Day
When no father can avail
Aught for his son, nor
A son avail aught
For his father.
Verily, the promise of God
Is true: let not then
This present life deceive you,
Nor let the Chief Deceiver
Deceive you about God.

34. Inna Allaha AAindahu AAilmu alssaAAati wayunazzilu alghaytha wayaAAlamu ma fee al-arhami wama tadree nafsun matha taksibu ghadan wama tadree nafsun bi-ayyi ardin tamootu inna Allaha AAaleemun khabeerun

It is He Who sends down
Rain, and He Who knows
What is in the wombs.
Nor does any one know
What it is that he will
Earn on the morrow:
Nor does any one know
In what land he is
To die. Verily with God
Is full knowledge and He
Is acquainted (with all things)

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