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Sūra XXIV.: Nūr, or Light. Index
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Sūra XXIV.: Nūr, or Light.

Section 3

21. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la tattabiAAoo khutuwati alshshaytani waman yattabiAA khutuwati alshshaytani fa-innahu ya/muru bialfahsha-i waalmunkari walawla fadlu Allahi AAalaykum warahmatuhu ma zaka minkum min ahadin abadan walakinna Allaha yuzakkee man yashao waAllahu sameeAAun AAaleemun

21. O ye who believe!
Follow not Satan's footsteps:
If any will follow the footsteps
Of Satan, he will (but) command
What is shameful and wrong:
And were it not for the grace
And mercy of God on you.
Not one of you would ever
Have been pure: but God
Doth purify whom He pleases:
And God is One Who
Hears and knows (all things).

22. Wala ya/tali oloo alfadli minkum waalssaAAati an yu/too olee alqurba waalmasakeena waalmuhajireena fee sabeeli Allahi walyaAAfoo walyasfahoo ala tuhibboona an yaghfira Allahu lakum waAllahu ghafoorun raheemun

22. Let not those among you
Who are endued with grace
And amplitude of means
Resolve by oath against helping
Their kinsmen, those in want,
And those who have left
Their homes in God's cause:
Let them forgive and overlook,
Do you not wish
That God should forgive you?
For God is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful.

23. Inna allatheena yarmoona almuhsanati alghafilati almu/minati luAAinoo fee alddunya waal-akhirati walahum AAathabun AAatheemun

23. Those who slander chaste women,
Indiscreet but believing,
Are cursed in this life
And in the Hereafter:
For them is a grievous Penalty,—

24. Yawma tashhadu AAalayhim alsinatuhum waaydeehim waarjuluhum bima kanoo yaAAmaloona

24. On the Day when their tongues,
Their hands, and their feet
Will bear witness against them
As to their actions.

25. Yawma-ithin yuwaffeehimu Allahu deenahumu alhaqqa wayaAAlamoona anna Allaha huwa alhaqqu almubeenu

25. On that Day God
Will pay them back
(All) their just dues,
And they will realise
That God is
The (very) Truth,
That makes all things manifest.

26. Alkhabeethatu lilkhabeetheena waalkhabeethoona lilkhabeethati waalttayyibatu lilttayyibeena waalttayyiboona lilttayyibati ola-ika mubarraoona mimma yaqooloona lahum maghfiratun warizqun kareemun

26. Women impure are for men impure
And men impure for women impure
And women of purity
Are for men of purity,
And men of purity
Are for women of purity:
These are not affected
By what people say:
For them there is forgiveness,
And a provision honourable.

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