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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary. Index
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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary.

Section 5

66. Wayaqoolu al-insanu a-itha ma mittu lasawfa okhraju hayyan

66. Man says: "What!
When I am dead, shall I
Then be raised up alive?"

67. Awa la yathkuru al-insanu anna khalaqnahu min qablu walam yaku shay-an

67. But does not man
Call to mind that We
Created him before
Out of nothing?

68. Fawarabbika lanahshurannahum waalshshayateena thumma lanuhdirannahum hawla jahannama jithiyyan

68. So, by thy Lord,
Without doubt, We shall gather
Them together, and (also)
The Evil Ones (with them);
Then shall We bring them
Forth on their knees
Round about Hell;

69. Thumma lananziAAanna min kulli sheeAAatin ayyuhum ashaddu AAala alrrahmani AAitiyyan

69. Then shall We certainly
Drag out from every sect
All those who were worst
In obstinate rebellion
Against (God) Most Gracious.

70. Thumma lanahnu aAAlamu biallatheena hum awla biha siliyyan

70. And certainly We know best
Those who are most worthy
Of being burned therein.

71. Wa-in minkum illa wariduha kana AAala rabbika hatman maqdiyyan

71. Not one of you but will
Pass over it: this is,
With thy Lord, a Decree
Which must be accomplished.

72. Thumma nunajjee allatheena ittaqaw wanatharu alththalimeena feeha jithiyyan

72. But We shall save those
Who guarded against evil,
And We shall leave
The wrong-doers therein,
(Humbled) to their knees.

73. Wa-itha tutla AAalayhim ayatuna bayyinatin qala allatheena kafaroo lillatheena amanoo ayyu alfareeqayni khayrun maqaman waahsanu nadiyyan

73. When Our Clear Signs
Are rehearsed to them,
The Unbelievers say to those
Who believe, "Which of the two
Sides is best in point of
Position? which makes the best
Show in Council?"

74. Wakam ahlakna qablahum min qarnin hum ahsanu athathan wari/yan

74. But how many (countless)
Generations before them
Have We destroyed,
Who were even better
In equipment and in glitter
To the eye?

75. Qul man kana fee alddalalati falyamdud lahu alrrahmanu maddan hatta itha raaw ma yooAAadoona imma alAAathaba wa-imma alssaAAata fasayaAAlamoona man huwa sharrun makanan waadAAafu jundan

75. Say: "If any men go
Astray, (God) Most Gracious
Extends (the rope) to them,
Until, when they see
The warning of God (being
Fulfilled)—either in punishment
Or in (the approach of)
The Hour,—they will
At length realise who is
Worst in position, and (who)
Weakest in forces!

76. Wayazeedu Allahu allatheena ihtadaw hudan waalbaqiyatu alssalihatu khayrun AAinda rabbika thawaban wakhayrun maraddan

76. "And God doth advance
In guidance those who seek
Guidance: and the things
That endure, Good Deeds,
Are best in the sight
Of thy Lord, as rewards,
And best in respect of
(Their) eventual returns."

77. Afaraayta allathee kafara bi-ayatina waqala laootayanna malan wawaladan

77. Hast thou then seen
The (sort of) man who
Rejects Our Signs, yet
Says: "I shall certainly
Be given wealth and children?"

78. AttalaAAa alghayba ami ittakhatha AAinda alrrahmani AAahdan

78. Has he penetrated to
The Unseen, or has he
Taken a contract with
(God) Most Gracious?

79. Kalla sanaktubu ma yaqoolu wanamuddu lahu mina alAAathabi maddan

79. Nay! We shall record
What he says, and We
Shall add and add
To his punishment.

80. Wanarithuhu ma yaqoolu waya/teena fardan

80. To Us shall return
All that he talks of,
And he shall appear
Before Us bare and alone.

81. Waittakhathoo min dooni Allahi alihatan liyakoonoo lahum AAizzan

81. And they have taken
(For worship) gods other than
God, to give them
Power and glory!

82. Kalla sayakfuroona biAAibadatihim wayakoonoona AAalayhim diddan

82. Instead, they shall reject
Their worship, and become
Adversaries against them.

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