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Sūra XVIII.: Kahf, or the Cave. Index
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Sūra XVIII.: Kahf, or the Cave.

Section 9

60. Wa-ith qala moosa lifatahu la abrahu hatta ablugha majmaAAa albahrayni aw amdiya huquban

60. Behold, Moses said
To his attendant, "I will not
Give up until I reach
The junction of the two
Seas or (until) I spend
Years and years in travel."

61. Falamma balagha majmaAAa baynihima nasiya hootahuma faittakhatha sabeelahu fee albahri saraban

61. But when they reached
The Junction, they forgot
(About) their Fish, which took
Its course through the sea
(Straight) as in a tunnel.

62. Falamma jawaza qala lifatahu atina ghadaana laqad laqeena min safarina hatha nasaban

62. When they had passed on
(Some distance), Moses said
To his attendant: "Bring us
Our early meal; truly
We have suffered much fatigue
At this (stage of) our journey."

63. Qala araayta ith awayna ila alssakhrati fa-innee naseetu alhoota wama ansaneehu illa alshshaytanu an athkurahu waittakhatha sabeelahu fee albahri AAajaban

63. He replied: "Sawest thou
(What happened) when we
Betook ourselves to the rock?
I did indeed forget
(About) the Fish: none but
Satan made me forget
To tell (you) about it:
It took its course through
The sea in a marvellous way!"

64. Qala thalika ma kunna nabghi fairtadda AAala atharihima qasasan

64. Moses said: "That was what
We were seeking after:"
So they went back
On their footsteps, following
(The path they had come).

65. Fawajada AAabdan min AAibadina ataynahu rahmatan min AAindina waAAallamnahu min ladunna AAilman

65. So they found one
Of Our servants,
On whom We had bestowed
Mercy from Ourselves
And whom We had taught
Knowledge from Our own

66. Qala lahu moosa hal attabiAAuka AAala an tuAAallimani mimma AAullimta rushdan

66. Moses said to him:
"May I follow thee,
On the footing that
Thou teach me something
Of the (Higher) Truth
Which thou hast been taught?"

67. Qala innaka lan tastateeAAa maAAiya sabran

67. (The other) said: "Verily
Thou wilt not be able
To have patience with me!

68. Wakayfa tasbiru AAala ma lam tuhit bihi khubran

68. "And how canst thou
Have patience about things
About which thy understanding
Is not complete?"

69. Qala satajidunee in shaa Allahu sabiran wala aAAsee laka amran

69. Moses said: "Thou wilt
Find me, if God so will,
(Truly) patient: nor shall I
Disobey thee in aught."

70. Qala fa-ini ittabaAAtanee fala tas-alnee AAan shay-in hatta ohditha laka minhu thikran

70. The other said: "If then
Thou wouldst follow me,
Ask me no questions
About anything until I
Myself speak to thee
Concerning it."

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