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Sūra XVI.: Naḥl or The Bee. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XVI.: Naḥl or The Bee.

Section 8

61. Walaw yu-akhithu Allahu alnnasa bithulmihim ma taraka AAalayha min dabbatin walakin yu-akhkhiruhum ila ajalin musamman fa-itha jaa ajaluhum la yasta/khiroona saAAatan wala yastaqdimoona

61. If God were to punish
Men for their wrong-doing,
He would not leave, on the (earth);
A single living creature:
But He gives them respite
For a stated Term:
When their Term expires,
They would not be able
To delay (the punishment)
For a single hour, just as
They would not be able
To anticipate it (for a single hour).

62. WayajAAaloona lillahi ma yakrahoona watasifu alsinatuhumu alkathiba anna lahumu alhusna la jarama anna lahumu alnnara waannahum mufratoona

62. They attribute to God
What they hate (for themselves),
And their tongues assert
The falsehood that all good things
Are for themselves: without doubt
For them is the Fire, and they
Will be the first to be
Hastened on into it!

63. TaAllahi laqad arsalna ila omamin min qablika fazayyana lahumu alshshaytanu aAAmalahum fahuwa waliyyuhumu alyawma walahum AAathabun aleemun

63. By God, We (also) sent
(Our apostles) to Peoples
Before thee; but Satan
Made, (to the wicked),
Their own acts seem alluring:
He is also their patron to-day,
But they shall have
A most grievous penalty.

64. Wama anzalna AAalayka alkitaba illa litubayyina lahumu allathee ikhtalafoo feehi wahudan warahmatan liqawmin yu/minoona

64. And We sent down the Book
To thee for the express purpose,
That thou shouldst make clear
To them those things in which
They differ, and that it should he
A guide and a mercy
To those who believe.

65. WaAllahu anzala mina alssama-i maan faahya bihi al-arda baAAda mawtiha inna fee thalika laayatan liqawmin yasmaAAoona

65. And God sends down rain
From the skies, and gives therewith
Life to the earth after its death:
Verily in this is a Sign
For those who listen.

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