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Sūra XVI.: Naḥl or The Bee. Index
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Sūra XVI.: Naḥl or The Bee.

Section 6

41. Waallatheena hajaroo fee Allahi min baAAdi ma thulimoo lanubawwi-annahum fee alddunya hasanatan walaajru al-akhirati akbaru law kanoo yaAAlamoona

41. To those who leave
Their homes in the cause
Of God, after suffering
We will assuredly give
A goodly home in this world;
But truly the reward
Of the Hereafter will be greater.
If they only realised (this)!

42. Allatheena sabaroo waAAala rabbihim yatawakkaloona

42. (They are) those who persevere
In patience, and put
Their trust on their Lord.

43. Wama arsalna min qablika illa rijalan noohee ilayhim fais-aloo ahla alththikri in kuntum la taAAlamoona

43. And before thee also
The apostles We sent
Were but men, to whom
We granted inspiration: if ye
Realise this not, ask of those
Who possess the Message.

44. Bialbayyinati waalzzuburi waanzalna ilayka alththikra litubayyina lilnnasi ma nuzzila ilayhim walaAAallahum yatafakkaroona

44. (We sent them) with Clear Signs
And Books of dark prophecies;
And We have sent down
Unto thee (also) the Message;
That thou mayest explain clearly
To men what is sent
For them, and that they
May give thought.

45. Afaamina allatheena makaroo alssayyi-ati an yakhsifa Allahu bihimu al-arda aw ya/tiyahumu alAAathabu min haythu la yashAAuroona

45. Do then those who devise
Evil (plots) feel secure
That God will not cause
the earth to swallow them up,
Or that the Wrath will not
Seize them from directions
They little perceive?—

46. Aw ya/khuthahum fee taqallubihim fama hum bimuAAjizeena

46. Or that He may not
Call them to account
In the midst of their goings
To and fro, without a chance
Of their frustrating Him?—

47. Aw ya/khuthahum AAala takhawwufin fa-inna rabbakum laraoofun raheemun

47. Or that He may not
Call them to account
By a process of slow wastage—
For thy Lord is indeed
Full of kindness and mercy.

48. Awa lam yaraw ila ma khalaqa Allahu min shay-in yatafayyao thilaluhu AAani alyameeni waalshshama-ili sujjadan lillahi wahum dakhiroona

48. Do they not look
At God's creation, (even)
Among (inanimate) things,—
How their (very) shadows
Turn round, from the right
And the left, prostrating
Themselves to God, and that
In the humblest manner?

49. Walillahi yasjudu ma fee alssamawati wama fee al-ardi min dabbatin waalmala-ikatu wahum la yastakbiroona

49. And to God doth obeisance
All that is in the heavens
And on earth, whether
Moving (living) creatures
Or the angels: for none
Are arrogant (before their Lord).

50. Yakhafoona rabbahum min fawqihim wayafAAaloona ma yu/maroona

50. They all revere their Lord,
High above them, and they do
All that they are commanded.

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