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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph. Index
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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph.

Section 7

50. Waqala almaliku i/toonee bihi falamma jaahu alrrasoolu qala irjiAA ila rabbika fais-alhu ma balu alnniswati allatee qattaAAna aydiyahunna inna rabbee bikaydihinna AAaleemun

50. So the king said:
"Bring ye him unto me."
But when the messenger
Came to him, (Joseph) said:
"Go thou back to thy lord,
And ask him, "What is
The state of mind
Of the ladies
Who cut their hands?"
For my Lord is
Certainly well aware
Of their snare."

51. Qala ma khatbukunna ith rawadtunna yoosufa AAan nafsihi qulna hasha lillahi ma AAalimna AAalayhi min soo-in qalati imraatu alAAazeezi al-ana hashasa alhaqqu ana rawadtuhu AAan nafsihi wa-innahu lamina alssadiqeena

51. (The king) said (to the ladies):
"What was your affair
When ye did seek to seduce
Joseph from his (true) self?"
The ladies said: "God
Preserve us! no evil
Know we against him!"
Said the ’Azīz's wife:
"Now is the truth manifest
(To all): it was I
Who sought to seduce him
From his (true) self:
He is indeed of those
Who are (ever) true (and virtuous).

52. Thalika liyaAAlama annee lam akhunhu bialghaybi waanna Allaha la yahdee kayda alkha-ineena

52. "This (say I), in order that
He may know that I
Have never been false
To him in his absence,
And that God will never
Guide the snare of the false ones.

53. Wama obarri-o nafsee inna alnnafsa laammaratun bialssoo-i illa ma rahima rabbee inna rabbee ghafoorun raheemun

53. "Nor do I absolve my own self
(Of blame): the (human) soul
Is certainly prone to evil,
Unless my Lord do bestow
His Mercy: but surely
My Lord is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful."

54. Waqala almaliku i/toonee bihi astakhlishu linafsee falamma kallamahu qala innaka alyawma ladayna makeenun ameenun

54. So the king said:
"Bring him unto me;
I will take him specially
To serve about my own person."
Therefore when he had spoken
To him, he said:
"Be assured this day,
Thou art, before our own Presence,
With rank firmly established,
And fidelity fully proved!

55. Qala ijAAalnee AAala khaza-ini al-ardi innee hafeethun AAaleemun

55. (Joseph) said: "Set me
Over the store-houses
Of the land: I will
Indeed guard them,
As one that knows
(Their importance)."

56. Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi yatabawwao minha haythu yashao nuseebu birahmatina man nashao wala nudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena

56. "Thus did we give
Established power to Joseph
In the land, to take possession
Therein as, when, or where
He pleased. We bestow
Of Our mercy on whom
We please, and We suffer not,
To be lost, the reward
Of those who do good.

57. Walaajru al-akhirati khayrun lillatheena amanoo wakanoo yattaqoona

57. But verily the reward
Of the Hereafter
Is the best, for those
Who believe, and are constant
In righteousness.

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