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Sūra VII.: A’rāf, or the Heights Index
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Sūra VII.: A’rāf, or the Heights

Section 17

142. WawaAAadna moosa thalatheena laylatan waatmamnaha biAAashrin fatamma meeqatu rabbihi arbaAAeena laylatan waqala moosa li-akheehi haroona okhlufnee fee qawmee waaslih wala tattabiAA sabeela almufsideena

142. We appointed for Moses
Thirty nights, and completed
(The period) with ten (more):
Thus was completed the term
(Of communion) with his Lord,
Forty nights. And Moses
Had charged his brother Aaron
(Before he went up):
"Act for me amongst my people:
Do right, and follow not
The way of those
Who do mischief."

143. Walamma jaa moosa limeeqatina wakallamahu rabbuhu qala rabbi arinee anthur ilayka qala lan taranee walakini onthur ila aljabali fa-ini istaqarra makanahu fasawfa taranee falamma tajalla rabbuhu liljabali jaAAalahu dakkan wakharra moosa saAAiqan falamma afaqa qala subhanaka tubtu ilayka waana awwalu almu/mineena

143. When Moses came
To the place appointed by Us,
And his Lord addressed him,
He said: "O my Lord!
Show (Thyself) to me,
That I may look upon Thee."
God said, "By no means
Canst thou see Me (direct);
But look upon the mount;
If it abide
In its place, then
Shalt thou see Me."
When his Lord manifested
His glory on the Mount,
He made it as dust,
And Moses fell down
In a swoon. When he
Recovered his senses he said:
"Glory be to Thee! To Thee
I turn in repentance, and I
Am the first to believe."

144. Qala ya moosa innee istafaytuka AAala alnnasi birisalatee wabikalamee fakhuth ma ataytuka wakun mina alshshakireena

144. (God) said: "O Moses!
I have chosen thee
Above (other) men,
By the mission I (have
Given thee) and the words
I (have spoken to thee):
Take then the (revelation)
Which I give thee,
And be of those
Who give thanks."

145. Wakatabna lahu fee al-alwahi min kulli shay-in mawAAithatan watafseelan likulli shay-in fakhuthha biquwwatin wa/mur qawmaka ya/khuthoo bi-ahsaniha saoreekum dara alfasiqeena

145. And We ordained laws
For him in the Tablets
In all matters, both
Commanding and explaining
All things, (and said):
"Take and hold these
With firmness, and enjoin
Thy people to hold fast
By the best in the precepts:
Soon shall I show you
The homes of the wicked,—
(How they lie desolate)."

146. Saasrifu AAan ayatiya allatheena yatakabbaroona fee al-ardi bighayri alhaqqi wa-in yaraw kulla ayatin la yu/minoo biha wa-in yaraw sabeela alrrushdi la yattakhithoohu sabeelan wa-in yaraw sabeela alghayyi yattakhithoohu sabeelan thalika bi-annahum kaththaboo bi-ayatina wakanoo AAanha ghafileena

146. Those who behave arrogantly
On the earth in defiance
Of right—them will I
Turn away from My Signs:
Even if they see all the Signs,
They will not believe in them;
And if they see the way
Of right conduct, they will
Not adopt it as the Way;
But if they see the way
Of error, that is
The Way they will adopt.
For they have rejected
Our Signs, and failed
To take warning from them.

147. Waallatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina waliqa-i al-akhirati habitat aAAmaluhum hal yujzawna illa ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

147. Those who reject Our Signs
And the Meeting in the Hereafter,—
Vain are their deeds:
Can they expect to be rewarded
Except as they have wrought?

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