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Sūra VII.: A’rāf, or the Heights Index
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Sūra VII.: A’rāf, or the Heights

Section 15

127. Waqala almalao min qawmi firAAawna atatharu moosa waqawmahu liyufsidoo fee al-ardi wayatharaka waalihataka qala sanuqattilu abnaahum wanastahyee nisaahum wa-inna fawqahum qahiroona

127. Said the chiefs of Pharaoh's
People: "Wilt thou leave
Moses and his people,
To spread mischief in the land,
And to abandon thee
And thy gods?" He said:
"Their male children will we
Slay; (only) their females
Will we save alive;
And we have over them
(Power) irresistible."

128. Qala moosa liqawmihi istaAAeenoo biAllahi waisbiroo inna al-arda lillahi yoorithuha man yashao min AAibadihi waalAAaqibatu lilmuttaqeena

128. Said Moses to his people:
"Pray for help from God,.
And (wait) in patience and
For the earth is God's,
To give as a heritage
To such of His servants
As He pleaseth; and the end
Is (best) for the righteous.

129. Qaloo ootheena min qabli an ta/tiyana wamin baAAdi ma ji/tana qala AAasa rabbukum an yuhlika AAaduwwakum wayastakhlifakum fee al-ardi fayanthura kayfa taAAmaloona

129. They said: "We have had
(Nothing but) trouble, both before
And after thou camest
To us." He said:
"It may be that your Lord
Will destroy your enemy
And make you inheritors
In the earth; that so
He may try you
By your deeds."

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