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1Priests, offer to the Lord of all the people the milked-out stalk
   of Soma, radiant-coloured.
  No wild bull knows his drinking-place like Indra who ever seeks
   him who hath pressed the Soma.
2Thou dost desire to drink, each day that passes, the pleasant
   food which thou hast had aforetime.
  O Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly the Soma set
   before thee.
3Thou, newly-born, for strength didst drink the Soma; thy
   mother told thee of thy future greatness.
  O Indra, thou hast filled mid-air's wide region, and given the
  Gods by battle room and freedom.
4When thou hast urged the arrogant to combat, proud in their
   strength of arm, we will subdue them.
  Or, Indra, when thou fightest girt by heroes, we in the glorious
   fray with thee will conquer.
5I will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent acts which
  Maghavan hath accomplished.
  When he had conquered godless wiles and magic, Soma became
   his own entire possession.
6Thine is this world of flocks and herds around thee, which with
   the eye of Surya thou beholdest.
  Thou, Indra, art alone the Lord of cattle: may we enjoy the
   treasure which thou givest.
7Ye twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O
  Brihaspati, and thou, O Indra .
  Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. Preserve
   us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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