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Ep. XVIII.  To Eusebius of Cæsarea.

I was never meanly disposed towards your Reverence; do not find me guilty.  But after allowing myself a little liberty and boldness, just to relieve and heal my grief, I at once bowed and submitted, and willingly subjected myself to the Canon.  What else could I have done, knowing both you and the Law of the Spirit?  But if I had been ever so mean and ignoble in my sentiments, yet the present time would not allow such feelings, nor the wild beasts which are rushing on the Church, nor your own courage and manliness, so purely and genuinely fighting for the Church.  I will come then, if you wish it, and take part with you in prayers and in conflict, and will serve you, and like cheering boys will stir up the noble athlete by my exhortations.

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