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Chapter XXX.—Athanasius is found Innocent of what he was accused; his Accusers take to Flight.

Matters having been brought to this issue with regard to Arsenius, the contrivers of this imposture were reduced to perplexity; and Achab, 246 who was also called John, one of the principal accusers, having slipped out of court in the tumult, effected his escape. Thus Athanasius cleared himself from this charge, without having recourse to any pleading; 247 for he was confident that the sight only of Arsenius alive would confound his calumniators.



In Athanasius’ account (Apol. c. Arian. 65) this man’s name is given as Αρχαφ(Archaph), which is an Egyptian name; its assonance with the biblical Αχαάβ may have made the latter a current appellation. John was no doubt his monastic name.


παραγραφή , legal term; γραφή = ‘indictment,’ παραγραφή = ‘demurrer,’ so used by Isocrates, Demosthenes, &c., of the classical authors.

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