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Chapter LXXIII.—Baptisms.

And having thus spoken, he afterwards said:  “Whoever of you wish to be baptized, begin from to-morrow to fast, and have hands laid upon you day by day, and inquire about what matters you please.  For I mean still to remain with you ten days.”  And after three days, having begun to baptize, he called me, and Aquila, and Nicetas, and said to us:  “As I am going to set out for Tyre after seven days, I wish you to go away this very day, and to lodge secretly with Bernice the Canaanite, the daughter of Justa, and to learn from her, and write accurately to me what Simon is about.  For this is of great consequence to me, that I may prepare myself accordingly.  Therefore depart straightway in peace.”  And leaving him baptizing, as he commanded, we preceded him to Tyre of Phœnicia.

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