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Chapter LXI.—A Mine Dug.

“When therefore you come with them to Antioch, as you will be thought to be Simon, stand in a public place, and proclaim your repentance, and say:  ‘I Simon declare to you, and confess that all that I said concerning Peter was false:  for he is neither a seducer, nor a magician, nor a murderer, nor any of the things that I spoke against him; but I said all these things under the instigation of madness.  I therefore entreat you, even I myself, who erewhile gave you causes of hatred against him, that you think no such thing concerning him.  But lay aside your hatred; cease from your indignation; because he is truly sent by God for the salvation of the world—a disciple and apostle of the true Prophet.  Wherefore I advise, exhort, and charge you that you hear him, and believe him when he preaches to you the truth, lest haply, if you despise him, your very city suddenly perish.  But I will tell you why I now make this confession to you.  This night an angel of God rebuked me for my wickedness, and scourged me terribly, because I was an enemy to the herald of the truth.  Therefore I entreat you, that even if I myself should ever again come to you, and attempt to say anything against Peter, you will not receive nor believe me.  For I confess to you, I was a magician, a seducer, a deceiver; but I repent, for it is possible by repentance to blot out former evil deeds.’”

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