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Myths and Legends of China, by Edward T.C. Werner, [1922], at

Frontispiece; Confucius: Teacher and Philosopher
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Frontispiece; Confucius: Teacher and Philosopher

Myths & Legends of China


E.T.C. Werner

H.B.M. Consul Foochow (Retired) Barrister-at-law Middle Temple
Late Member of The Chinese Government Historiographical Bureau Peking
Author of “Descriptive Sociology: Chinese” “China of the Chinese” Etc.
With Thirty-two Illustrations In Colours By Chinese Artists

George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.
London Bombay Sydney

Formatted at, August 2008. This text is in the public domain in the US because it was published prior to 1923.

In Memoriam
Gladys Nina Chalmers Werner

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