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Explanatory Notes on the Whole Bible, by John Wesley, [1754-65], at

Psalms Chapter 127

Psalms 127:1

psa 127:1

Build - Assist and bless those that build it.

Psalms 127:2

psa 127:2

You - Builders, or watchmen. To sit - To use constant and unwearied diligence. So - By his blessing. Giveth - Freely, without that immoderate toiling, wherewith others pursue it.

Psalms 127:3

psa 127:3

Children - The chief of these blessings. Heritage - Only from God's blessing, even as an inheritance is not the fruit of a man's own labour, but the gift of God.

Psalms 127:4

psa 127:4

Youth - These he prefers before other children, because they live longest with their parents, and to their comfort and support, whereas children born in old age seldom come to maturity before their parents death.

Psalms 127:5

psa 127:5

Full - Who hath a numerous issue. Shall speak - They shall courageously plead their cause in courts of judicature, not fearing to be crushed by the might of their adversaries.

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