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Psalms Chapter 109

God - The author and matter of all my praises.

Psalms 109:4

psa 109:4

Adversaries - They requite my love with enmity, as it is explained Psa 109:5.

Psalms 109:6

psa 109:6

A wicked man - Who will rule him with rigour and cruelty. Satan - To accuse him; for this was the place and posture of accusers in the Jewish courts.

Psalms 109:7

psa 109:7

Sin - Because it is not from his heart.

Psalms 109:10

psa 109:10

Desolate places - Into which they are fled for fear and shame.

Psalms 109:11

psa 109:11

Catch - Heb. ensnare, take away not only by oppression but also by cunning artificers. Stranger - Who hath no right to his goods.

Psalms 109:17

psa 109:17

Delighted not - In desiring and promoting the welfare of others.

Psalms 109:18

psa 109:18

Garment - Which a man wears constantly. Like water - Water in the cavity of the belly, between the bowels, is almost certain death. And oil soaking into any of the bones, will soon utterly destroy it.

Psalms 109:20

psa 109:20

That speak evil against my soul - With design to take away my life.

Psalms 109:21

psa 109:21

Is good - Above the mercy of all the creatures.

Psalms 109:23

psa 109:23

When - Towards the evening, when the sun is setting. The locust - Which is easily driven away with every wind.

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