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Psalms Chapter 105

Psalms 105:3

psa 105:3

Glory - Glory in the God whom you serve, as the only true God.

Psalms 105:4

psa 105:4

Seek - The Lord in his strength, in his sanctuary, or before the ark, which is called God's strength. Face - His gracious presence.

Psalms 105:5

psa 105:5

Judgments - The punishments which he brought upon Egypt by his mere word.

Psalms 105:6

psa 105:6

Of Jacob - The only branch of Abraham's seed to whom the following blessings belong.

Psalms 105:7

psa 105:7

Judgments - God executes his judgments upon all nations and people.

Psalms 105:8

psa 105:8

Remembered - So as to perform it. The word - The promise. Commanded - Established. Thousand generations - To all generations.

Psalms 105:9

psa 105:9

Oath - Wherewith he ratified the covenant with Isaac, Gen 26:3.

Psalms 105:10

psa 105:10

A law - That it might be as firm and irrevocable as a law.

Psalms 105:11

psa 105:11

Lot - The portion assigned to you by lot.

Psalms 105:13

psa 105:13

They went - Both in Canaan, where there were seven nations, and in Egypt.

Psalms 105:15

psa 105:15

Anointed - My prophets, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; who are called God's anointed, because they were consecrated to be his peculiar people, and to be kings and princes in their families. And they are called prophets, because God familiarly conversed with them and revealed his will to them, and by them to others.

Psalms 105:16

psa 105:16

Staff of bread - Bread, which is the staff or support of our lives.

Psalms 105:19

psa 105:19

His word - That word or revelation which came first to Pharaoh in a dream, and then to Joseph concerning the interpretation of it. Purged - From those calamities which were cast upon him, and so prepared the way for his release.

Psalms 105:23

psa 105:23

Ham - Ham was the father of Mizraim, or the Egyptians, Gen 10:6.

Psalms 105:25

psa 105:25

Turned - That is, suffered them, to be turned.

Psalms 105:28

psa 105:28

They - Moses and Aaron, who inflicted that plague after Pharaoh had threatened them.

Psalms 105:30

psa 105:30

Land - Their country. In chambers - Which entered into the chambers. Kings - Of Pharaoh and his sons, and his chief nobles and governors.

Psalms 105:31

psa 105:31

Coasts - In all their land, even to the utmost borders of it.

Psalms 105:37

psa 105:37

Feeble - Diseased or unable for his journey: which in so vast a body, and in a people who had been so dreadfully oppressed, was wonderful.

Psalms 105:39

psa 105:39

Covering - To protect them from the heat of the sun.

Psalms 105:40

psa 105:40

Quails - He speaks of the first giving of quails, Exo 16:13, which God gave them as a refreshment, notwithstanding their sin in desiring them, which he graciously pardoned. Bread - With manna which came out of the air, commonly called heaven.

Psalms 105:41

psa 105:41

River - They flowed in channels which God provided for them, and followed the Israelites in their march.

Psalms 105:44

psa 105:44

Labour - The fruits of their labour; their cities, vineyards, olive - yards.

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