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Psalms Chapter 90

Psalms 90:1

psa 90:1

Dwelling place - Although we and our fathers, for some generations, have had no fixed habitation, yet thou hast been instead of a dwelling - place to us, by thy watchful and gracious providence. And this intimates that all the following miseries were not to be imputed to God but themselves.

Psalms 90:2

psa 90:2

Thou - Thou hadst thy power, and all thy perfections, from all eternity.

Psalms 90:3

psa 90:3

Turnedst - But as for man, his case is far otherwise, though he was made by thee happy. and immortal, yet for his sin thou didst make him mortal and miserable. Saidst - Didst pronounce that sad sentence, return, O men, to the dust out of which ye were taken, Gen 3:19.

Psalms 90:4

psa 90:4

Past - Indeed time seems long when it is to come, but when it is past, very short and contemptible. A watch - Which lasted but three or four hours.

Psalms 90:5

psa 90:5

Them - Mankind. Away - Universally, without exception or distinction. A sleep - Short and vain, as sleep is, and not minded 'till it be past.

Psalms 90:7

psa 90:7

Are consumed - Thou dost not suffer us to live so long as we might by the course of nature.

Psalms 90:8

psa 90:8

Hast set - Thou dost observe them, as a righteous judge, and art calling us to an account for them. Secret sins - Which though hid from the eyes of men, thou hast brought to light by thy judgments.

Psalms 90:10

psa 90:10

Our years - Of the generality of mankind, in that and all following ages, some few persons excepted. Flee - We do not now go to death, as we do from our very birth, but flee swiftly away like a bird, as this word signifies.

Psalms 90:11

psa 90:11

Thy fear - According to the fear of thee; according to that fear which sinful men have of a just God. So - It bears full proportion to it, nay indeed doth far exceed it.

Psalms 90:12

psa 90:12

Teach us - To consider the shortness of life, and the certainty and speediness of death. That - That we may heartily devote ourselves to true wisdom.

Psalms 90:13

psa 90:13

Return - To us in mercy. How long - Will it be before thou return to us? Repent thee - Of thy severe proceedings against us.

Psalms 90:14

psa 90:14

Early - Speedily.

Psalms 90:17

psa 90:17

The beauty - His gracious influence, and glorious presence. In us - Do not only work for us, but in us,

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