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Psalms Chapter 75

Psalms 75:1

psa 75:1

Thy name - Thy self; art present with us, and ready to help.

Psalms 75:2

psa 75:2

Receive - The whole congregation, all the tribes.

Psalms 75:3

psa 75:3

Dissolved - Or, destroyed; by intestine divisions and wars. I hear - I support it, by maintaining religion and justice, by setting up good magistrates, and encouraging good ministers, and good men, who are indeed the pillars of a nation.

Psalms 75:4

psa 75:4

I said - I charged them. Deal not - Desist from your practices. Lift not up - Do not carry yourselves scornfully and maliciously.

Psalms 75:5

psa 75:5

Lift not - A metaphor from untamed oxen, which will not bow their heads to receive the yoke. Stiff neck - With pride and contempt.

Psalms 75:8

psa 75:8

For - God is here compared to the master of a feast, who then used to distribute portions of meat and drink to the several guests. A cup - Of vengeance. Red - Such as the best wine of Judea was. Mixture - The wine is mingled not with water, but with strengthening and intoxicating ingredients. Dregs - The worst and most dreadful part of those tribulations. Shall wring - This dreadful draught was brought upon them by their own choice and wickedness.

Psalms 75:9

psa 75:9

Declare - The praises of God.

Psalms 75:10

psa 75:10

Horns - Their honour and power, which they made an instrument of mischief. Will - When I shall be advanced to the throne. But - Good men shall be encouraged and promoted.

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