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Psalms Chapter 62

Psalms 62:3

psa 62:3

Ye - Mine enemies; to whom now he turns his speech. Against - Against me, a man like yourselves, whom common humanity obliges you to pity.

Psalms 62:9

psa 62:9

Vanity - Vain, and helpless creatures. A lie - They promise much, but generally deceive those who trust in them.

Psalms 62:10

psa 62:10

Vain - Feeding yourselves with vain hopes of felicity, from those riches which you take from others by violence.

Psalms 62:11

psa 62:11

Spoken - Frequently, both immediately as at Sinai, and by his holy prophets, from time to time. That - That power is God's prerogative; and consequently all creatures, either against or without him, are poor impotent things.

Psalms 62:12

psa 62:12

Therefore - God is almighty, therefore he can easily destroy all his enemies: he is also merciful, and therefore will pardon good mens failings. Renderest - And this as he is obliged to do by his holy nature, so is he able to do it, being omnipotent, and willing to do it to the godly (which was the only thing that might be doubted, because of their manifold miscarriages) because he is merciful and gracious.

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