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Psalms Chapter 42

Psalms 42:1

psa 42:1

Panteth - After the enjoyment of thee in thy sanctuary.

Psalms 42:2

psa 42:2

Thirsteth - Not after vain useless idols, but after the only true and living God. Appear - In the place of his special presence and publick worship.

Psalms 42:4

psa 42:4

Remember - My banishment from God's presence, and mine enemies triumphs. In me - I breathe out my sorrows and complaints to God within my own breast. The multitudes - Israelites, who went thither in great numbers. Holy - day - Or that kept the feast, the three solemn festival solemnities, which they kept holy unto the Lord.

Psalms 42:5

psa 42:5

For - Heb. for the salvations of his face, for those supports, deliverances and comforts which I doubt not I shall enjoy both in his presence and sanctuary, and from his presence, and the light of his countenance.

Psalms 42:6

psa 42:6

Therefore - Therefore that I may revive my drooping spirits. Remember - I will consider thy infinite mercy and power, and faithfulness. Mizar - From all the parts of the land, to which I shall be driven; whether from the parts beyond Jordan on the east: or mount Hermon, which was in the northern parts.

Psalms 42:7

psa 42:7

Deep - One affliction comes immediately after another, as if it were called for by the former. A metaphor taken from violent and successive showers of rain; which frequently come down from heaven, as it were at the noise, or call of God's water spouts.

Psalms 42:8

psa 42:8

Command - Will effectually confer upon me. Loving - kindness - His blessings, the effects of his loving - kindness.

Psalms 42:10

psa 42:10

As - As a sword, which cutteth the very bones, so painful are their reproaches.

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