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Daniel Chapter 10

Daniel 10:2

dan 10:2

Was mourning - Because he foresaw the many calamities that would befall the Jews for their sins, especially for destroying the Messiah, and rejecting his gospel.

Daniel 10:4

dan 10:4

The first month - Nisan, which is March. Hiddekel - Or Tigris.

Daniel 10:5

dan 10:5

A certain man - Very probably Christ, who appeared to Daniel in royal and priestly robes, and in so great brightness and majesty.

Daniel 10:12

dan 10:12

He - Not Christ, but Gabriel.

Daniel 10:13

dan 10:13

Withstood me - God suffered the wicked counsels of Cambyses to take place awhile; but Daniel by his prayers, and the angel by his power, overcame him at last: and this very thing laid a foundation of the ruin of the Persian monarchies. Michael - Michael here is commonly supposed to mean Christ. I remained - To counter - work their designs against the people of God.

Daniel 10:15

dan 10:15

I set my face - I prostrated myself upon the earth. And I became dumb - Thro' astonishment.

Daniel 10:16

dan 10:16

One like the sons of men - This likewise seems to have been Gabriel. I have retained no strength - Tho' he appeared to him, and spake to him as a man, yet Daniel could not bear his presence, without some dread.

Daniel 10:20

dan 10:20

To fight - To oppose his mischievous designs.

Daniel 10:21

dan 10:21

Michael - Christ alone is the protector of his church, when all the princes of the earth desert or oppose it.

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