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2 Chronicles Chapter 14

2 Chronicles 14:1

ch2 14:1

Quiet - There was no open war, but there were private hostilities between his and Baasha's subjects.

2 Chronicles 14:6

ch2 14:6

The land had rest - Those have rest indeed, to whom God gives rest; peace indeed, to whom Christ gives peace. We find by experience, it is good to seek the Lord. While we pursue the world, we meet with nothing but vexation.

2 Chronicles 14:7

ch2 14:7

Before us - In our power.

2 Chronicles 14:9

ch2 14:9

Ethiopian - Or, the Arabian, as the Hebrew word Cush is commonly used: these being much nearer to Asa than the Ethiopians.

2 Chronicles 14:11

ch2 14:11

Let not man prevail - If he prevails against us, he prevails, as it were, against thee; because thou art our God. And we rest on thee, and go forth in thy name, which thou hast encouraged us to do.

2 Chronicles 14:12

ch2 14:12

Smote - With terror, and an unaccountable consternation.

2 Chronicles 14:14

ch2 14:14

Smote the cities - because they had joined, with Zerah in this war.

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