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Jude Introduction


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The Epistle of Jude

This brief letter is assigned to the Judas of Mat 13:55, one of the brethren of Jesus, and of James, the author of the catholic epistle. It is a hotly debated question whether Peter's second letter or Jude's epistle is the earlier, and, consequently, which writer drew upon the other. It is quite evident, either that the one used the other's epistle or that both drew from a common source. A satisfactory decision is impossible in the present state of the evidence. The matter which is common to the two epistles, besides various scattered resemblances, is principally in Jude 3-18; Pe2 1:1-5; 2:1-18 (see Ezra Abbot, Expositor, 2d series, iii., 139).

Besides the resemblance to Second Peter, the epistle is marked by its apocryphal references, especially to the Book of Enoch (see notes on Jde 1:9, Jde 1:14). In style it is terse and picturesque. "It is Greek as learned by a foreigner, and partly from books, and it is mixed up with Hebrew phrases." It contains at least fifteen words not found elsewhere in the New Testament. Dean Alford says: "It is an impassioned invective, in which the writer heaps epithet on epithet, and image on image, and returns again and again to the licentious apostates against whom he warns the church, as though all language were insufficient to give an adequate idea of their profligacy, and of his own abhorrence of their perversion of the grace and doctrines of the Gospel."

List of Greek Words Used by Jude Only

ἀποδιορίζω to separate Jde 1:19 ἄπταιστος without falling Jde 1:24 γογγυστής murmurer Jde 1:16 δεῖγμα example Jde 1:7 ἐκπορνεύω to give over to fornication Jde 1:7 ἐνυπνιάζω to dream Jde 1:8 ἐπαγωνίζομαι earnestly contend Jde 1:3 ἐπαφρίζω to foam out Jde 1:13 μεμψίμοιρος complainer Jde 1:16 παρεισδύω to creep in unawares Jde 1:4 πλανήτης a wanderer Jde 1:13 σπιλάς rock Jde 1:12 ὑπέχω to suffer, undergo Jde 1:7 φθινοπωρινός autumnal Jde 1:12 φυσικῶς naturally Jde 1:10

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