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2 Chronicles Chapter 27

2 Chronicles

ch2 27:0


Ch2 27:1, Jotham reigning well, prospers; Ch2 27:5, He subdues the Ammonites; Ch2 27:7, His reign and death; Ahaz succeeds him.

2 Chronicles 27:1

ch2 27:1

am 3246-3262, bc 753-742

twenty and five: Kg2 15:32, Kg2 15:33-38; Ch1 3:12; Isa 1:1; Hos 1:1; Mic 1:1; Mat 1:9, Joatham

2 Chronicles 27:2

ch2 27:2

And he did: Ch2 26:4; Kg2 15:34

he entered not: He copied his father's conduct as far as it was pious and constitutional; and avoided his transgression. Ch2 26:16-21; Psa 119:120; Act 5:13

the people: Kg2 15:35

2 Chronicles 27:3

ch2 27:3

high gate: Ch2 23:20; Jer 20:2

Ophel: or, the tower, "The wall," says the Targum, "of the interior palace." Ophel appears to have been a tower, or fort, on the city wall, in which we read "the Nehthinim dwelt." Ch2 33:14; Neh 3:26, Neh 3:27

2 Chronicles 27:4

ch2 27:4

he built cities: Ch2 11:5-10, Ch2 14:7, Ch2 26:9, Ch2 26:10

the mountains: Jos 14:12, Jos 14:13; Luk 1:39

castles and towers: These castles and towers he doubtless built built for the protection of the country people against marauders.

2 Chronicles 27:5

ch2 27:5

the king of the Ammonites: We find here, that he brought the Ammonites under a heavy tribute for three years; but whether this was the effect of his prevailing against them, is not so evident. Some think that they paid this tribute for three years, and then revolted; that, in consequence, he attacked them, and their utter subjection was the result. Ch2 20:1; Judg. 11:4-33; Sa2 10:1-14; Jer 49:1-6

ten thousand: Rather, "ten thousand cors (korim) of wheat." The cor was same as the homer, and contained about 32 pecks 1 pint.

So much: Heb. This

2 Chronicles 27:6

ch2 27:6

Jotham: Ch2 26:5

prepared: or, established, Ch2 19:3

2 Chronicles 27:7

ch2 27:7

Now the rest: Ch2 20:34, Ch2 26:22, Ch2 26:23, Ch2 32:32, Ch2 32:33, am 3262, bc 742

they are written: There is not so much found in the book of Kings, which we have now, as here. in both places we have abridged accounts; the larger histories having been lost.

2 Chronicles 27:9

ch2 27:9

Jotham: Kg2 15:38

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