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Zechariah Introduction


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Book Introduction - Zechariah

Zechariah, like Haggai, was a prophet to the remnant which returned after the 70 years. There is much of symbol in Zechariah, but these difficult passages are readily interpreted in the light of the whole body of related prophecy. The great Messianic passages are, upon comparison with the other prophecies of the kingdom, perfectly clear. Both advents of Christ are in Zechariah's prophecy Zac 9:9; Mat 21:1-11 Zac 14:3-4. More than Haggai or Malachi, Zechariah gives the mind of God about the Gentile world-powers surrounding the restored remnant. He has given them their authority Dan 2:27-40 and will hold them to account; the test, as always, being their treatment of Israel.

See Scofield - Gen 15:18 note 3, clause 6; Zac 2:8. Zechariah, therefore, falls into three broad divisions:

1. Symbolic visions in the light of the Messianic hope (Zechariah 1:1 - 6:15).

2. The mission from Babylon (Zechariah 7-8).

3. Messiah in rejection and afterwards in power (Zechariah 9-14).

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