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Song of Solomon (Canticles) Chapter 2

Song of Solomon (Canticles) 2:2

sol 2:2

so is

How poor are the similes of the bride as compared with those of the Bridegroom. To him, she is a "lily among thorns; she can only say that he is "as the apple tree among the trees of the wood."

Song of Solomon (Canticles) 2:9

sol 2:9

our wall

"Our wall." The bride had returned to her own home: the Bridegroom seeks her.

Song of Solomon (Canticles) 2:14

sol 2:14


There is beautiful order here. First we have what the bride is as seen in Christ, "My dove." In herself most faulty; in Him "blameless and harmless" (Phi 2:15) the very character of the dove. The bride's place of safety, "in the clefts of the rock" -- hidden, so to speak, in the wounds of Christ. Thirdly, her privilege. "Stairs" speaks of access. It is not "secret places," as in A.V, but "the secret of the stairs" -- the way and privilege of access to His presence; (Eph 2:18); (Col 3:1); (Heb 10:19-22). Fourthly, the order of approach: she is to come near before she speaks, "Let me see thy countenance," then "Let me hear thy voice." Lastly, now that she is near and has spoken, He speaks a tender word of admonition: "Take us the foxes," etc.

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