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2 Kings (2 Samuel) Introduction

2 Kings (2 Samuel)

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Book Introduction - 2 Samuel

As First Samuel marks the failure of man in Eli, Saul, and even Samuel, so Second Samuel marks the restoration of order through the enthroning of God's king, David. This book also records the establishment of Israel's political centre in Jerusalem (Sa2 5:6-12), and her religious centre in Zion (Sa2 5:7; Sa2 6:1-17). When all was thus ordered, Jehovah established the great Davidic Covenant (Sa2 7:8-17) out of which all kingdom truth is henceforth developed. David, in his "last words" (Sa2 23:1-7), describes the millennial kingdom yet to be.

The book is in four parts:

1. From the death of Saul to the anointing of David over Judah, in Hebron (2 Samuel 1:1-27).

2. From the anointing in Hebron to the establishment of David over united Israel (2 Samuel 2:1 - 5:25).

3. From the conquest of Jerusalem to the rebellion of Absalom (2 Samuel 6:1 - 14:33).

4. From the rebellion of Absalom to the purchase of the temple-site (2 Samuel 15:1 - 24:25).

The events recorded in 2 Samuel cover a period of 38 years (Ussher).

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