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Romans Chapter 11

Romans 11:1

rom 11:1


That Israel has not been forever set aside is the theme of this chapter.

(1) The salvation of Paul proves that there is still a remnant (Rom 11:1)

(2) The doctrine of the remnant proves it (Rom 11:2-6).

(3) The present national unbelief was foreseen (Rom 11:7-10).

(4) Israel's unbelief is the Gentile opportunity (Rom 11:11-25).

(5) Israel is judicially broken off from the good olive tree, Christ (Rom 11:17-22).

(6) They are to be grafted in again (Rom 11:23-24).

(7) The promised Deliverer will come out of Zion and the nation will be saved (Rom 11:25-29). That the Christian now inherits the distinctive Jewish promises is not taught in Scripture. The Christian is of the heavenly seed of Abraham; (Gen 15:5-6); (Gal 3:29) and partakes of the spiritual blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant.

(See Scofield) - (Gen 15:18)

but Israel as a nation always has it own place, and is yet to have its greatest exaltation as the earthly people of God.

See "Israel" (Gen 12:2); (Rom 11:26).

"Kingdom"; (Gen 1:26-28); (Zac 12:8).

Romans 11:5

rom 11:5


Remnant, Summary:

In the history of Israel, a "remnant" may be discerned, a spiritual Israel within the national Israel. In Elijah's time, 7,000 had not bowed the knee to Baal (Kg1 19:18). In Isaiah's time, it was the "very small remnant" for whose sake God still forbore to destroy the nation (Isa 1:9). During the captivities, the remnant appears in Jews like Ezekiel, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Esther, and Mordecai. At the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity, it was the remnant which returned under Ezra and Nehemiah.

At the advent of our Lord, John the Baptist, Simeon, Anna, and "them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem" (Luk 2:38) were the remnant. During the church-age, the remnant is composed of believing Jews (Rom 11:4); (Rom 11:5). But the chief interest in the remnant is prophetic.

During the great tribulation, a remnant out of all Israel will turn to Jesus as Messiah, and will become His witnesses after the removal of the church (Rev 7:3-8). Some of these will undergo martyrdom (Rev 6:9-11); some will be spared to enter the millennial kingdom (Zac 12:6-13); (Zac 12:9). Many of the Psalms express, prophetically, the joys and sorrows of the tribulation remnant.

See (Isa 1:9).


Grace (in salvation). (Co2 8:9); (Rom 3:24).

See note, (See Scofield) - (Joh 1:17).

Romans 11:8

rom 11:8


Jehovah. (Isa 29:10).

Romans 11:12

rom 11:12


Greek, "kosmos", means "mankind".

(See Scofield) - (Mat 4:8).

Romans 11:14

rom 11:14


(See Scofield) - (Rom 1:16).

Romans 11:15

rom 11:15


Greek, "kosmos", means "mankind".

(See Scofield) - (Mat 4:8).

Romans 11:23

rom 11:23


See (Jer 3:21-25); (Jer 3:50); (Jer 3:4); (Jer 3:5); (Co2 3:16).

Romans 11:25

rom 11:25


The "fullness of the Gentiles" is the completion of the purpose of God in this age, namely, the outcalling from among the Gentiles of a people for Christ's name, "the church which is His body" (Eph 1:22); (Eph 1:23)

Compare (Act 15:14); (Eph 4:11-13); (Co1 12:12); (Co1 12:13).

It must be distinguished from "the times of the Gentiles" (Luk 21:24).


See note, (See Scofield) - (Mat 13:11).

Romans 11:26

rom 11:26



Israel, so named from the grandson of Abraham, was chosen for a fourfold mission:

(1) To witness to the unity of God in the midst of universal idolatry (Deu 6:4); (Isa 43:10); (Isa 43:12);

(2) to illustrate to the nations the blessedness of serving the true God (Deu 33:26-29); (Ch1 17:20); (Ch1 17:21); (Psa 144:15).

(3) to receive, preserve, and transmit the Scripture (Deu 4:5-8); (Rom 3:1); (Rom 3:2).

(4) to produce, as to His humanity, the Messiah (Gen 3:15); (Gen 12:3); (Gen 22:18); (Gen 28:10-14); (Gen 49:10); (Sa2 7:12-16); (Isa 7:14); (Isa 9:6); (Mat 1:1); (Rom 1:3). According to the prophets, Israel, regathered from all nations, restored to her own land and converted, is yet to have her greatest earthly exaltation and glory.

See "Kingdom (Old Testament)"; (Gen 1:26).

(See Scofield) - (Zac 12:8)

New Testament (Luk 1:31-33); (Co1 15:24).

"Davidic Covenant"

(See Scofield) - (Sa2 7:16).

Romans 11:27

rom 11:27



(See Scofield) - (Rom 3:23).

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