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Psalms Chapter 89

Psalms 89:1

psa 89:1


Maschil, instruction.

Psalms 89:27

psa 89:27

higher than the kings of the earth

The eighty-ninth Psalm is at once the confirmation and exposition of the Davidic Covenant (Sa2 7:9-14). That the covenant itself looks far beyond David and Solomon is sure from (Psa 89:27). "Higher than the kings of the earth" can only refer to Immanuel. (Isa 7:13-15); (Isa 9:6); (Isa 9:7); (Mic 5:2).

The Psalm is in four parts:

(1) The covenant, though springing from the lovingkindness of Jehovah, yet rests upon His oath (vs. 1-4).

(2) Jehovah is glorified for His power and goodness in connection with the covenant (vs 5-18).

(3) The response of Jehovah (vs. 19-37). This is in two parts:

(a) it confirms the covenant (Psa 89:19-29), but

(b) warns that disobedience in the royal posterity of David will be punished with chastening (Psa 89:30-32). Historically this chastening began in the division of the Davidic kingdom; (Kg1 11:26-36); (Kg1 12:16-20) and culminated in the captivities and that subordination of Israel to the Gentiles which still continues. See "Gentiles, times of"; (Luk 21:24); (Rev 16:14).

(4) The plea of the Remnant (Isa 1:9); (Rom 11:5) who urge the severity and long continuance of the chastening (Psa 89:38-52).

See Psalm 102, next in order of the Messianic Psalms.

Psalms 89:48

psa 89:48


Hebrew, "Sheol,"

(See Scofield) - (Hab 2:5).

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