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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Psalms Chapter 68

Psalms 68:1

psa 68:1

Let God arise

The entire Psalm is pervaded by the joy of Israel in the kingdom, but a stricter order of events begins with verse 18 (Psa 68:18). This is quoted (Eph 4:7-16) of Christ's ascension ministry. Verses 21-23 (Psa 68:21-23) refer to the regathering of Israel, and the destruction of the Beast and his armies.

(See "Beast,"

(See Scofield) - (Dan 7:8)

(See "Beast,"

(See Scofield) - (Rev 19:20).

(See "Armageddon"

(See Scofield) - (Rev 16:16), (Rev 19:17-19).

Verses 24-35 (Psa 68:24-35) are descriptive of full and universal kingdom blessing.

(See "Kingdom" (Old Testament),

(See Scofield) - (Gen 1:26).

(See Scofield) - (Zac 12:8).

See Psalm 69, next in order of the Messianic Psalms.

Psalms 68:17

psa 68:17


(See Scofield) - (Heb 1:4).

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