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Psalms Chapter 22

Psalms 22:1

psa 22:1

Aijeleth Shahar

Or, Ay-ys-leth Shachar, "hind of the morning," a title, not a musical instrument.

My God, My God

Psalms 22, 23, and 24 form a trilogy. In Psalm 22, the good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep (Joh 10:11); in Psalm 23 (Psa 23:1-6), the great Shepherd, "brought again from the dead through the blood of the everlasting covenant." (Heb 13:20) tenderly cares for the sheep; in Psalm 24 (Psa 24:1-10), the chief Shepherd appears as King of glory to own and reward the sheep (Pe1 5:4).

Psalms 22:7

psa 22:7

All they that see me

Psalm 22 is a graphic picture of death by crucifixion. The bones (of the hands, arms, shoulders, and pelvis) out of joint (Psa 22:14) the profuse perspiration caused by intense suffering (Psa 22:14); the action of the heart affected (Psa 22:14); strength exhausted, and extreme thirst (Psa 22:15); the hands and feet pierced (Psa 22:16) partial nudity with hurt to modesty (Psa 22:17), are all incidental to that mode of death. The accompanying circumstances are precisely those fulfilled in the crucifixion of Christ. (Psa 22:14-17). The desolate cry of; (Psa 22:1); (Mat 27:46); the periods of light and darkness of; (Psa 22:2); (Mat 27:45) the contumely of; (Psa 22:6-8); (Psa 22:12); (Psa 22:13); (Psa 22:18); (Mat 27:29-43) the casting lots of verse (Psa 22:18); (Mat 27:35), all were literally fulfilled. When it is remembered that crucifixion was a Roman, not Jewish form of execution, the proof of inspiration is irresistible.

Psalms 22:22

psa 22:22

I will declare

At verse 22 (Psa 22:22), the Psalm breaks from crucifixion to resurrection; fulfilled in the "Go to my brethren," etc, of (Joh 20:17). The risen Christ declares to His brethren the name, "Father."

Psalms 22:23

psa 22:23


(See Scofield) - (Psa 19:9).

Psalms 22:25

psa 22:25


(See Scofield) - (Psa 19:9).

Psalms 22:28

psa 22:28

For the kingdom is

Compare (Psa 22:30).

The kingdom is Jehovah's. In verse 30 (Psa 22:30), Adonai is in view as ruling on behalf of Jehovah. See Psalm 110 (Psa 110:1-7) with (Mat 22:42-45). The great end and object of the rule of Adonai (Lord) is the restoration of the kingdom to Jehovah (Lord).

See (Co1 15:23-24). See "Names of Deity,"

(Co1 15:23); (Co1 15:24

(See Scofield) - (Gen 2:4),

(See Scofield) - (Gen 15:2).

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