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Matthew Chapter 21

Matthew 21:1

mat 21:1

nigh unto Jerusalem

(Mat 21:1-9); (Zac 9:9); (Zac 14:4-9). The two advents are in striking contrast.

Matthew 21:4

mat 21:4


The king's final and official offer of Himself according to (Zac 9:9). Acclaimed by an unthinking multitude whose real belief is expressed in (Mat 21:11); but with no welcome from the official representatives of the nation, He was soon to hear the multitude shout: "Crucify him."

Matthew 21:12

mat 21:12


See (Luk 19:45); (Mar 11:15-18).

Compare (Joh 2:13-25) which introduced, as this cleansing closed, the offer of Christ to Israel as King.

Matthew 21:17

mat 21:17


See (Joh 11:1); (Joh 11:2); (Luk 10:39-42).

Compare (Mar 11:1-11); (Luk 19:29-35); (Joh 12:1-8).

With no other place is the human Christ so tenderly associated, while it also was the place of manifestation of His divine power. (Joh 11:43); (Joh 11:44).

Matthew 21:19

mat 21:19

fig tree

Literally, a solitary fig tree. (Luk 13:6-9). The withered fig tree is a parabolic miracle concerning Israel. (Luk 13:6-9).

Compare (Mat 24:32); (Mat 24:33);

a prophecy that Israel shall again bud.

Matthew 21:28

mat 21:28


See "vineyard," margin reference, (Mat 20:1).

(See Scofield) - (Mat 20:1).

Matthew 21:29

mat 21:29


Compare (Luk 15:20); the other perfect illustration of repentance.

(See Scofield) - (Act 17:30).

Matthew 21:32

mat 21:32


(See Scofield) - (Rom 10:10).

Matthew 21:42

mat 21:42


Jehovah. (Psa 118:23).

Matthew 21:43

mat 21:43

kingdom of God

Note that Matthew here as in (Mat 21:31) uses the larger word, kingdom of God:

Compare (See Scofield) - (Mat 6:33).

The kingdom of heaven;

(See Scofield) - (Mat 3:2).

(See Scofield) - (Co1 15:24).

will yet be set up. Meantime, the kingdom of God and his righteousness is taken from Israel nationally and given to the Gentiles. (Rom 9:30-33).


That is, national Israel, the barren vine. (Mat 21:33-41); (Isa 5:1-7).

Matthew 21:44

mat 21:44

stone shall be broken

Christ, as the "Stone", is revealed in a threefold way:

(1) To Israel Christ, coming not as a splendid monarch but in the form of a servant, is a stumbling stone and rock of offence. (Isa 8:14); (Isa 8:15); (Rom 9:32); (Rom 9:33); (Co1 1:23); (Pe1 2:8).

(2) to the church, Christ is the foundation stone and the head of the corner (Co1 3:11); (Eph 2:20-22); (Pe1 2:4); (Pe1 2:5).

(3) to the Gentile world-powers

(see "Gentiles," (Luk 21:24); (Rev 16:19)

He is to be the smiting-stone of destruction (Dan 2:34). Israel stumbled over Christ; the church is built upon Christ; Gentile world-dominion will be broken by Christ.

See "Armageddon" (Rev 16:14); (Rev 19:19).

And whosoever

Or, Whosoever falls on this stone shall be crushed togetherthat is, the Jews (Isa 8:14); (Rom 9:32); (Rom 9:33); (Co1 1:23)] but on whomsoever it may fall, he will be scattered as dust (Greek, "likmaō", "winnowed"), that is, the Gentile nations. (Dan 2:34); (Dan 2:35); (Dan 2:45).

(See Scofield) - (Dan 2:35).

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