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Matthew Chapter 1

Matthew 1:10

mat 1:10


Josiah, (Kg1 13:2).

Matthew 1:16

mat 1:16

Six Marys

Six Marys are to be distinguished in the New Testament:

(1) the mother of Jesus; always clearly identified by the context.

(2) Mary Magdalene, a woman of Magdala, "out of whom went seven demons" (Luk 8:2) She is never mentioned apart from the identifying word "Magdalene."

(3) The mother of James (called "the less," (Mar 15:40) and Joses, the apostles. A comparison of; (Joh 19:25); (Mat 27:56); (Mar 15:40) establishes the inference that this Mary, the mother of James the less, and of Joses was the wife of Alphaeus (called also Cleophas), (Joh 19:25) and a sister of Mary the mother of Jesus. Except in; (Mat 27:61); (Mat 28:1) where she is called "the other Mary (that is, "other" than her sister, Mary the Virgin); and (Joh 19:25) where she is called "of Cleophas," she is mentioned only in connection with one or both of her sons.

(4) Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus, mentioned by name only in (Luk 10:39-42); (Joh 11:1-2); (Joh 11:19); (Joh 11:20); (Joh 11:28); (Joh 11:31); (Joh 11:32); (Joh 11:45); (Joh 12:3) but referred to in (Mat 26:7); (Mar 14:3-9).

(5) The mother of John Mark and sister of Barnabas (Act 12:12).

(6) A helper of Paul in Rome (Rom 16:6).

of whom was born

The changed expression here is important. It is no longer, "who begat," but, "Mary, of whom was born Jesus." Jesus was not begotten of natural generation.


Christ (Greel, "Christos", means "anointed"), the Greek form of the Hebrew, "Messiah" (Dan 9:25-26) is the official name of our Lord, as Jesus is his human name; (Luk 1:31); (Luk 2:21). The name, or title, "Christ" connects Him with the entire Old Testament foreview

(See Scofield) - (Zac 12:8)

of a coming prophet (Deu 18:15-19); Priest (Psa 110:4) and king (Sa2 7:7-10). As these were typically anointed with oil; (Kg1 19:16); (Exo 29:7); (Sa1 16:13) so Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit; (Mat 3:16); (Mar 1:10-11); (Luk 3:21-22); (Joh 1:32-33) thus becoming officially "the Christ."

Matthew 1:21

mat 1:21


See note, (Rom 1:16).

(See Scofield) - (Rom 1:16).


See note, (Rom 3:23).

(See Scofield) - (Rom 3:23).

Matthew 1:22

mat 1:22

of the Lord

See (Isa 7:14) Literally, by the Lord through the prophet.

Matthew 1:24

mat 1:24


(See Scofield) - (Heb 1:4).

Matthew 1:25

mat 1:25


The Greek form of the Hebrew, "Jehoshua", meaning "saviour".

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