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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Malachi Chapter 1

Malachi 1:4

mal 1:4


That is, Esau's descendants.

See (Gen 25:30).

Malachi 1:6

mal 1:6

if then I be a father

(See Scofield) - (Isa 63:16).

The relationship here is national, not personal (Jer 3:18); (Jer 3:19) here, apparently, the Jews were calling Jehovah, "Father," but yielding Him no filial obedience.

See; (Joh 8:37-39); (Rom 9:1-8).

Malachi 1:10

mal 1:10

Who is there

Or, I would that one among you would shut the doors of the temple that no more vain fire should kindle on mine altar.

Compare (Isa 1:11-15).

Malachi 1:11

mal 1:11

For from the raising

That is, so it would have been had Israel been true. (Isa 45:5); (Isa 45:6). So it shall be despite Israel's failure.

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