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Jeremiah Introduction


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Book Introduction - Jeremiah

Jeremiah began his ministry in the 13th year of Josiah, about 60 years after Isaiah's death. Zephaniah and Habakkuk were contemporaries of his earlier ministry. Daniel of his later. After the death of Josiah, the kingdom of Judah hastened to its end in the Babylonian captivity. Jeremiah remained in the land ministering to the poor Remnant (Kg2 24:14) until they went into Egypt, whither he followed them, and where he died, early in the 70 year's captivity. Jeremiah, prophesying before and during the exile of Judah, connects the pre-exile prophets with Ezekiel and Daniel, prophets of the exile.

Jeremiah's vision includes: the Babylonian captivity; the return after 70 years; the world- wide dispersion; the final regathering; the kingdom-age; the day of judgment on the Gentile powers, and the Remnant.

Jeremiah is in six chief divisions:

1. From the prophet's call to his message to the first captives (Jeremiah 1:1 - 29:32).

2. Prophecies and events not chronological (Jeremiah 30:1 - 36:2).

3. From the accession to the captivity of Zedekiah (Jeremiah 37:1 - 39:18).

4. Jeremiah's prophecies in the land after the final captivity of Judah (Jeremiah 40:1 - 42:22).

5. The prophet in Egypt (Jeremiah 43:1 - 44:30).

6. Miscellaneous prophecies (Jeremiah 45:1 - 52:34).

The events recorded in Jeremiah cover a period of 41 years (Ussher).

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