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Ezra Chapter 6

Ezra 6:6

ezr 6:6

your companions

Chaldean, "their societies."

Ezra 6:14

ezr 6:14

finished it

The worship of Jehovah was thus re-established in Jerusalem, but the theocracy was not restored. The remnant which returned from the Babylonian captivity lived in the land by Gentile sufferance, though doubtless by the providential care of Jehovah, till Messiah came, and was crucified by soldiers of the fourth Gentile world-empire Rome, (Dan 2:40); (Dan 7:7). Soon after (A.D. 70) Rome destroyed the city and temple. See "Times of the Gentiles"; (Luk 21:24); (Rev 16:19).

Ezra 6:15

ezr 6:15


twelfth monththat is, March.

Ezra 6:19

ezr 6:19

first month

That is, April.

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