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Daniel Chapter 4

Daniel 4:1

dan 4:1


Nebuchadnezzar, first of the Gentile world-kings in whom the times of the Gentiles (Luk 21:24); (Rev 16:14) began, perfectly comprehended the universality of the sway committed to him (Dan 2:37); (Dan 2:38) as also did Cyrus (Ezr 1:2). That they did not actually subject the known earth to their sway is true, but they might have done so. The earth lay in their power.

Daniel 4:3

dan 4:3

everlasting kingdom

See (Sa2 7:16); (Psa 89:35-37); (Dan 7:13); (Dan 7:14); (Dan 7:27); (Luk 1:31-33).

Daniel 4:10

dan 4:10


Symbol of a great king. (Dan 4:22); (Eze 31:1-14).

Daniel 4:13

dan 4:13


(Dan 4:17); (Dan 4:23); plural in (Dan 4:17).

Daniel 4:16

dan 4:16


The number of completeness.

Daniel 4:25

dan 4:25

till thou know

The discipline was effective.

Compare (Dan 4:30); (Dan 4:37).

Daniel 4:34

dan 4:34

I blessed the most High

A progress may be traced in Nebuchadnezzar's apprehension of the true God.

(1) "God" is "a God of gods" [one amongst the national or tribal gods, but greater than they], and a "Lord Adonai", signifies "Master of kings", and a "revealer of secrets" (Dan 2:47).

(2) He is still a Hebrew deity, but Master of angels, and a God who responds to faith (Dan 3:28).

(3) Here (Dan 4:34); (Dan 4:35) the king rises into a true apprehension of God.

Compare Darius, (Dan 6:25-27).

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