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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Acts Chapter 20

Acts 20:6

act 20:6


From the use of the pronoun, Luke here rejoins the apostle.

Acts 20:7

act 20:7

first day

It was the breaking of bread for which the disciples were assembled. The passage indicates the use by the apostolic churches of the first day, not the seventh.

Compare (Co1 16:2).

Acts 20:22

act 20:22


Compare (Act 21:4).

In (Act 20:22) Paul's own spirit

(See Scofield) - (Th1 5:23)

is meant; in (Act 21:4), the Holy Spirit is meant. Paul's motive in going to Jerusalem seems to have been his great affection for the Jews (Rom 9:1-5) and his hope that gifts of the Gentile churches, sent by him to the poor saints at Jerusalem (Rom 15:25-28) would open the hearts of the law-bound Jewish believers to the "gospel of the grace of God" (Act 20:24).

Acts 20:24

act 20:24


Or, I hold not my life of any account, as unto myself, in comparison with accomplishing my course.

See (Co1 9:26); (Phi 3:13); (Phi 3:14). (Ti2 4:7); (Ti2 4:8).

Acts 20:29

act 20:29


The two sources of the apostasy:

false teachers from without, (Co2 11:13-15); (Pe2 2:1-3);

ambitious leaders from within, (Jo3 1:9); (Jo3 1:10); (Rev 2:6); (Rev 2:15).

Also, (Ti1 1:20); (Jo1 2:19).

Acts 20:35

act 20:35

It is more

See (Luk 14:12).

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