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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Acts Chapter 18

Acts 18:5

act 18:5


Or, constrained by the Word.

Compare (Co2 5:14).

Acts 18:7

act 18:7


Titus Justus.

Acts 18:17

act 18:17

cared for

Contrast (Joh 19:13-16); (Act 24:26); (Act 24:27).

Acts 18:25

act 18:25


Taught by word of mouth, or, hearsay, that is, not by revelation.

Compare (Gal 1:11); (Gal 1:12).

The New Testament Scriptures were not then written.

Acts 18:28

act 18:28

that Jesus

Apollos' ministry seems to have gone no further; Jesus was the long expected Messiah. Of Paul's doctrine of justification through the blood, and sanctification through the Spirit, he seems at that time to have known nothing.

See (Act 19:3-6).

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