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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882] at

Psalms Chapter 148

Psalms 148:1

psa 148:1

The scope of this Psalm is the same as that of the preceding. (Psa 148:1-14)

heavens [and] heights--are synonymous.

Psalms 148:2

psa 148:2

hosts--(compare Psa 103:21).

Psalms 148:4

psa 148:4

heavens of heavens--the very highest.

waters--clouds, resting above the visible heavens (compare Gen 1:7).

Psalms 148:5

psa 148:5

praise the name--as representing His perfections.

he commanded--"He" is emphatic, ascribing creation to God alone.

Psalms 148:6

psa 148:6

The perpetuity of the frame of nature is, of course, subject to Him who formed it.

a decree . . . pass--His ordinances respecting them shall not change (Jer 36:31), or perish (Job 34:20; Psa 37:36).

Psalms 148:7

psa 148:7

The call on the earth, as opposed to heaven, includes seas or depths, whose inhabitants the dragon, as one of the largest (on leviathan, see on Psa 104:26), is selected to represent. The most destructive and ungovernable agents of inanimate nature are introduced.

Psalms 148:8

psa 148:8

fulfilling his word--or, law, may be understood of each. Next the most distinguished productions of the vegetable world.

Psalms 148:9

psa 148:9

fruitful trees--or, "trees of fruit," as opposed to forest trees. Wild and domestic, large and small animals are comprehended.

Psalms 148:11

psa 148:11

Next all rational beings, from the highest in rank to little children.

princes--or, military leaders.

Psalms 148:13

psa 148:13

Let them--all mentioned.

excellent--or, exalted (Isa 12:4).

his glory--majesty (Psa 45:3).

above the earth and heaven--Their united splendors fail to match His.

Psalms 148:14

psa 148:14

exalteth the horn--established power (Psa 75:5-6).

praise of--or literally, "for"

his saints--that is, occasions for them to praise Him. They are further described as "His people," and "near unto Him," sustaining by covenanted care a peculiarly intimate relation.

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